Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Week of Small Stones

January 6th

Bare birch branches
brush the sky
banishing contrails

January 7th

Blue stained-glass sky
by the monkey-puzzle tree

January 8th

Solitary Sunday
the drip of water from the gutter

January 9th

Looking up -
a sinister plume of cloud
slowly moving east

January 10th

New Year gale -
hurtling past
the garden chairs
I meant to put away

January 11th

Late again -
time slips through my grasp
like a bar of soap

January 12th

The door blows open
rolls a golden carpet down the hall


  1. Ah...a wonderful string of stones. I love how the "bare birch branches brush the sky, banishing contrails," and "sunlight rolls a golden carpet down the hall." Very nice!

  2. So many great stones! I found you via Cynthia, at Canyon Stones. I cannot pick a favorite. So glad to have found you.

  3. Thank you, Cynthia and Teri. I'm enjoying your small stones too - evocative word pictures of your worlds, bringing them into my kitchen in Wales :-)

  4. You are creating a wonderful river, Hilaire! I especially like the last one. I can visualize that golden carpet of light down the hall... I finally got some posted myself... Come take a peek :) Christine