Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Some more small stones

January 13th

In my dream
the small stones grow
to make a crossing-place

January 14th
Visiting Gill
Kitchen Alchemy
a treeful of sparrows

January 15th
Sentinel blackbird
overseeing the garden
its symphony of food

January 16th
The hills hunch against the mist
we watch it gather
fillling the valley with enchantment

January 17thThe sign in the cafe:
'Have some cake - you deserve it!'
What puzzles me
is how they know?

January 18th
A settled mist blurs the garden
my day lacks definition

January 19th
Today's small stone
grew larger in my hand -
became a poem
that sang to me
of luminescence

January 20th
Black wellington boot
thick grey sock nestles inside -
resting on it the husk of a butterfly

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Week of Small Stones

January 6th

Bare birch branches
brush the sky
banishing contrails

January 7th

Blue stained-glass sky
by the monkey-puzzle tree

January 8th

Solitary Sunday
the drip of water from the gutter

January 9th

Looking up -
a sinister plume of cloud
slowly moving east

January 10th

New Year gale -
hurtling past
the garden chairs
I meant to put away

January 11th

Late again -
time slips through my grasp
like a bar of soap

January 12th

The door blows open
rolls a golden carpet down the hall

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Twelfth Night

5th January

Christmas lights brighten
the drab sky
their days numbered

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Small Stones 2

3rd January

Half light -
hovering in the darkening sky
half a moon

4th January

Lone toffee
in the chocolate box
austerity bites

Monday, 2 January 2012

Small Stones

1st January

Half seen
a flash of red
among the blue tits

2nd January

Slab of green hillside
against the skyline
a row of trees curtsey
their backs to the sea
tableau of motionless sheep -
it's still life

I'm joining with the River of Stones to pay attention each day and write what I see. I might not keep it up for the whole month - I didn't last year - but I shall try. I've found it such a valuable way of honing my perception so that I don't only look but really see and then weave the experience into words, uniting outer and inner and making it visible.

Feel free to post your own Small Stones here if you'd like - I'd love to read them!